Prelims Round 2

It’s a new school year and the Preliminaries Project is alive and well. After a having a great time and meeting some cool folks at DH2013, it’s time to move forward and think about plans for the future.

Later this month at the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference in San Juan, we will be presenting a new look at the Prelims data set called Networks of Culture: A Graph-Driven Approach to Understanding Publishing in the Spanish Golden Age. This will be a more expansive look at publication in the Spanish Empire from 1598-1643,

Also, we are in the process of building the official website for the Preliminaries Project. It will be based on Skeleton, a Django project template system we are currently developing at the CulturePlex Lab. The site will describe the Prelims with information about the methodology and lines of research associated with the project. It will also include an interactive feature that allows the user to interact with the Prelims data set using the JavaScript D3 library. The interactive feature will be based on the Sonnet Python library, a NetworkX based library that produces detailed node data and statistics in JSON format. Since about ten minutes ago, Sonnet is available through PyPi

Later this week I will publish several examples using Sonnet to produce custom D3 graphs. Until then…Python Rules!

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