A fresh look at Prelims’ degree distribution…is it really scale free?

As Statistical Methods pointed out in their comment on my post, the methodology I used when I proposed that the Prelims graph’s degree distribution was scale free is outdated and not conclusive. This afternoon I decided to take a fresh look at the data following the methodology of Clausset et. al using the Python Powerlaw library. After fitting the data and plotting the probability density function, I evaluated the goodness of fit of the power law distribution through comparisons to the fit of other distributions. The results indicated that a power law distribution may not be the best fit (although a better than an exponential distribution), and a better fit might be a stretched exponential distribution (p > .05). In the following figure you can see the actual data (blue line), a power law fit (red dotted line), a log normal fit (green dotted line), and a stretched exponential fit (blue dotted line). More about this in a couple of weeks.


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