sonnet 0.1.6

Over the last year, I have been focused on studying networks at the CulturePlex, and it has been a heck of a learning process. After reading over my older posts, I’ve begun to realize that it is time to start updating my methods as I learn more about programming and statistics. My next blog post (June 22) will describe the renovated and re-focused Preliminaries Project as it will be presented in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a small Python library to simplify visualization for use with the up and coming Preliminaries interactive website. Surprisingly, after I published it on PyPi two weeks ago, quite a few people installed it. To my horror, version 0.1.0 had a bug, if it got you I apologize. Tonight I will be releasing version 0.1.6, in which I have added very basic support for Matplotlib. Of course there is a lot to do, and hopefully as the year goes on my releases and testing and docs will get better and better. For now it’s pretty minimal. Check out a full usage example here:

sonnet example ipython notebook

source is here

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